About BNI

With over 2,000,000 members, 7,500 plus chapters,
and over $93 billion in closed business worldwide,
it really is a business opportunity waiting to happen.

History of BNI

BNI’s origins go back to 1985 in Southern California where Dr Ivan R Misner was looking for a new way of generating business for his business consulting company. Dr. Misner invited several friends, each representing a different business together to find a way to help each find new business. Ten years later, in 1995, BNI had evolved into a Franchise business with Don and Nancy Morgan developing the BNI Franchise for Canada.

Benefits for your business

BNI is a business and professional referral organization that offers members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and most importantly to gain new business by the passing and receiving of referrals. By becoming a member of BNI you will be able to;

  • Expand your business network
  • Develop your confidence
  • Meet new suppliers
  • Gain new business
  • Create goodwill

Other advantage of becoming a BNI Champions member are:

  1. Increased exposure to many other people and businesses.
  2. Substantially increased business through referrals.
  3. Tools to network more effectively, including an orientation audio CD giving the “Formula for Success” in BNI, a badge, a vinyl card holder to carry members’ business cards, referral slips, marketing materials for your chapter and more…..
  4. Participation in up to 50 networking meetings per year.
  5. Free listing on the BNI website trade directory
  6. Regular Newsletters with educational material on networking, public speaking and business.
  7. Opportunities to participate in cross chapter networking events and social functionsFree periodic workshops on networking, and much more.
  8.  For more information about BNI, visit www.bnicanada.ca.

If you are in business and wish to grow your business then there is no more effective way than to use the power of Word Of Mouth Marketing. BNI harnesses this power and helps members to growand develop their businesses.If you would like to be part of this and benefit from the strong business relationships developedbetween BNI members please come and visit us at one of our weekly meetings. You are welcome to contact one of our Leadership Team members for further information.

BNI is a referral network run by members for members under the guidance and direction of the larger BNI organization. The BNI Organization (Business Network International), a private company with more than 25 years track record, is singly responsible for inventing modern-day word of mouth referral.

Our chapter operates within the guidelines and procedures developed by the BNI staff and world-wide membership. One central support pillar to our BNI program is found in BNI’s core philosophy. Some people refer to the core belief as, “What Comes Around Goes Around”. Others refer to this philosophy as, “Becoming successful through helping others achieve their goals.”

BNI sums both these orientations in two words. GIVERS GAIN (TM)

The weekly Chapter Meeting Agenda for the meeting has been established over the last two decades at thousands of BNI chapters throughout the world. When you visit a chapter you will be invited to speak for around a minute about yourself and your business.

Please bring approximately 40 business cards for circulation to the group. If you wish to come to meet our members and see what we have to offer, meetings start at 6.55 AM with a session of open networking prior to the more formal agenda.We are finished by 8.30 AM (ready for the day job to start!), please let us know that you are coming.

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