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Are you ready to grow your business?
A seat is waiting for you worth over $25,000.

Are you looking for something different to market your new or growing business?

Look no further! BNI Champions Networking Group is one of the top networking groups in the city of Toronto.  Bring your business cards with you and prepare a 60 second commercial about yourself, your business, the types of referrals you are looking for, and meet a group of dynamic business associates that will become one of your greatest assets to your business.  You will meet some friends along the way, business associations, and long term connections, and in the end your are really building relationships with a unique group acting as your sales team.  It’s a win-win opportunity for everyone.  Take a look at our Chapter Meeting Agenda, which features the flow of the meeting that also indicates when you have a chance to promote your business.

So contact us and book yourself in for a breakfast on us.  Your membership is exclusive. What does that mean exactly? We only allow one category per chapter.  So if you are in conflict with someone in our group, we can recommend you to another group that is looking for a financial advisor or an accountant.  See the Professionals Wanted list, and the Membership Directory to see if we have a spot for you.  If you just want to visit and see how the BNI Champions support each other and promote our businesses, you are welcome to visit.

So contact us and book yourself in for a breakfast on us.

Why join our Chapter?

BNI allows you to promote your business through a network of committed people.

  • Their contacts become your contacts
  • It is more cost effective than any other advertising medium
  • Time efficient meetings no not impact busy work schedules.
  • Your business grows through the power of referrals.
  • Fine-tune your business and communication skills.
  • Refine your techniques for word-of-mouth marketing of your business.
  • Create meaningful business relationships that will last a lifetime.

We have a few key openings on our Professionals Wanted list to join our referral team. Contact us today!



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